"Literacy Empowering Your Life…"

  • Watson & Associates Literacy Center - Founded 2004
  • Open Monday through Thursday - 3:00 - 6:00 pm
  • Provides one-to-one literacy tutoring
  • Grades Kindergarten through 12
  • Services provided by America Reads tutors trained by University Professors
  • Services support by credentialed Reading Specialist

Mission Statement

Jim and Judy Watson

The mission of the Literacy Center is to assist students, grades kindergarten through 12, to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Funded by a generous grant from Watson and Associates, the Center offers interactive tutoring within carefully designed programs.


Founded in 2004, the Watson and Associates Literacy Center is a component of the College of Education at the California State University, San Bernardino. The Literacy Center provides one-to-one and one-to-two literacy tutoring in all four domains of literacy: listening, speaking, writing and reading to children in grades kindergarten through 12 four afternoons each week, Monday – Thursday, 3:00-6:00 pm. The tutoring sessions are one day per week for each tutee, one hour per session, and are provided for eight weeks during the fall, winter, and spring quarters of the University.

The Literacy Center is designed to provide tutoring services to students who have not yet achieved grade-level proficiency in literacy.

Tutoring services are provided by America Reads tutors and volunteer tutors who are enrolled in courses in the College. America Reads tutors successfully complete an ESEC 545 class which provides tutor training for CSUSB students to work with K-12 students to increase their skills in reading and writing. Topics include literacy methods, multicultural issues, learning disabilities and use of educational software.

America Reads and volunteer tutors attend a 15 minute literacy instructional strategies mini-lesson before each tutoring session. Mini-lessons provide instructional techniques that tutors can readily and immediately implement to increase effectiveness of the tutoring session.

Every year that the Center has provided services the tutees have increased in the acquisition and use of literacy skills and strategies.


Fall 2017

  • September 25-28: Pre-assessments
  • October 2 – November 30: Tutoring
  • November 20 -23: Closed for Thanksgiving week
  • November 27 -30: Writing Celebration and post-assessments

Winter 2018

  • January 8 -11: Pre-assessments
  • January 16 – March 8 tutoring
  • March 6 - 12 Writing Celebration and post-assessments

Spring 2018

  • April 2 -5: Pre-assessments
  • April 9 – June 4: Tutoring
  • June 5 -11: Writing Celebration and post-assessments

Literacy Center Staff

  • Eloise Johnson, M.A./Reading Specialist
  • Andrea Street, M.A./Reading Specialist

America Reads Tutors

  • Marysol Avila
  • Jazmine Castro
  • Constance Greenwood
  • Vanessa Hernandez
  • Karen Jimenez
  • Anyluz Jimenez
  • Jennifer Juptner
  • Humberto Juarez
  • Hector Leon
  • Angel Lopez
  • Berenise Moron
  • Marcus Otero
  • Alejandra Ortiz
  • Noemy Osorio
  • Gabriela Perez
  • Emily Reyes
  • Diana Rosales
  • Shaden Ruelas
  • Joanna Salazar
  • Cristina Sedano
  • Sarah Sikora
  • James Speer
  • Stacy Tockerman
  • Crystal Vargas
  • Nolan White
  • C’anne Willie