Waiver Form

If you need to complete a waiver for TPA 3 and 4, download the following form. This will need to be submitted to the Lead Assessor for approval:

The deadline for submission of TPA Waivers for the Spring Quarter is April 6, 2019. These will need to be approved by Dr. Last, Lead Assessor.  In order to get credit for these signed waivers, they must be uploaded into Task Stream with the TPA.

Due Dates for Submission of TPA

Quarter TPA Turn In TPA Results Return TPA Rewrite
Fall 10/22 (11:59 pm) Week of 11/12 By (11:59 pm) on 11/26


2/11 (11:59 pm)

Week of 3/4

By (11:59 pm) on 3/18
Spring 4/06 (11:59 pm)

Week of 5/13

By (11:59 pm) on 5/28

Contacts for Further Information

  • Dr. Michael Verdi
    TPA Coordinator / Single Subject Program Coordinator
    (909) 537-7530
  • Dr. Lasisi Ajayi 
    Multiple Subjects Program Coordinator
    (909) 537-7603
  • Ms. Yolanda Thomas
    Administrative Support Assistant
    (909) 537-5650