TPA 2.0


Be sure you are registered for the 520 E for Cycle 1(1st quarter) and 520 F for Cycle 2 (2nd quarter).  Your instructor will email you about the dates of your class meetings along with the syllabus.  You will also need to register through the Pearson Website for submission of the TPA 2.0. Be sure to read the syllabus for information on submission deadlines.

Deadlines for TPA 2.0 Submission

TPA 2.0 Submission Deadlines
Quarter Date Day Time
Fall Nov 29, 2018 Thursday 6PM
Winter March 7, 2019 Thursday 6PM
Spring May 16, 2019 Thursday 6PM

There will be no resubmission for this TPA. Therefore if you do not pass, you will need to redo the task during the next quarter. Also due to the deadlines from Pearson, there will be a delay in the submission of grades.

If yo uhave any questions, please contract your instructor for the class or Dr. Michael Verdi, TPA Coordinator, Single Subject Program Coordinator,, (909) 537-7530.