Program Options

Special Education Program Options at CSUSB

There are two basic program options in each of the authorization areas in the Special Education Credential Programs. The first option is the Student Teaching Option and the second is the Intern Option. 

Intern Option

The Intern Option is for those who may have teaching or related experience and who meet the minimum eligibility criteria for an intern credential. Intern candidates must apply and be accepted into the Intern Program and obtain employment as a Special Education teacher in an approved setting. In the Intern Option, candidates complete all coursework and supervised fieldwork while teaching full time in a Special Education setting. The Intern Programs require six consecutive quarters to complete.  Candidates will complete a Preliminary Education Specialist credential in their chosen authorization area. All intern programs provide significant classroom support for Intern Teachers. Please contact the Intern Director for the program in which you are interested for more information. 

Student Teaching Option

This option is a traditional pre-service model of teacher preparation for candidates interested in obtaining a Preliminary Education Specialist Credential. Candidates who have little or no experience in teaching or those who choose to complete their coursework and fieldwork before entering the classroom as the teacher of record should take this option. Candidates in the Student Teaching Option complete the majority of their Level I credential coursework prior to applying for supervised fieldwork experiences in which they will be supervised by a resident or master teacher and a university supervisor. The candidate's performance on specific competencies and expectations is supported and evaluated by the candidate, the resident teacher, and the university supervisor. This option takes three to four quarters to complete in the Mild to Moderate Disabilities, Moderate to Severe Disabilities, and Early Childhood Programs.