Special Education Program Faculty

The program faculty have the experience and knowledge to provide credential programs that concentrate on pedagogical content, knowledge and skills, professional knowledge and skills, and cultural and language understandings. Faculty members teach courses and supervise field experiences in the program. They are available to their advisees during regularly held office hours as well as by appointment.

  • Marjorie McCabe
    Mild/Moderate Disabilities & Early Childhood 
    Special Education Intern Program Coordinator
    Office: CE-251 
    Phone: (909) 537-5656
  • Sang Nam
    Special Education Graduate Program Coordinator
    Office: CE-239 
    Phone: (909) 537-5629
  • Kathleen Phillips
    Special Education Program Coordinator
    Moderate to Severe Disabilities Intern Program Coordinator
    Office: CE-269
    Phone: (909) 537-7679

Special Education Internship

Intern Programs

Assists students with questions and procedures related to Intern Program admissions and support.

  • Special Education Intern Support Coordinator
    Bonnie Charlton
    Office: CE-102
    Phone: (909) 537-7220 or (760) 341-2883 x77220
    Fax: (909) 537-7525
  • Moderate/Severe Disabilities Intern Program Coordinator
    Kathleen Phillips
    Phone: (909) 537-7679 or (760) 341-2883 x77679
    Fax: (909) 537-5604
    Office: CE-269
  • Mild/Moderate Disabilities & Early Childhood Special Education
    Intern Program Coordinator
    Marjorie McCabe
    Office: CE-251
    Phone: (909) 537-5656 or (760) 341-2883 x75656
    Fax: (909) 537-7525