Admission Requirements


Please note, this is a TWO step application process (University and Program)


When you start the application select Campus- San Bernardino
Start Term – Fall Quarter
There are two options EDS or PPS cred only
If you are doing the EDS with PPS Cred, Select from Post-bac Programs:
Education Specialist in School Psychology & Pupil Personnel Services: School Psychology
If you are doing the credential only, select from the Credential options:
Pupil Personnel Services: School Psychology

There is a lot of information requested on the application.  Some of it we do not need.   You still need to go into each area, but you may click on a button at the bottom that states you will not be submitting.
Here is a helpful guide through the application.

  • Personal Information
    •  Make sure you answer all the questions that pertain to you.
  • Academic History
    • Colleges Attended
      • List all colleges you have attended
    • Go to transcript entry ( if you have listed all of your colleges, under colleges attended, they should be listed here so you can upload an unofficial transcript)
      • Remember you still have to submit official Transcripts to Graduate Admissions
    • GPA entries
      • You should have the GPA and the bottom of each of your unofficial Transcripts you can enter that information here.
    • Standardized testing
      • Click I am not adding any Standardized Tests
  • Supporting Information
    • Achievements
      • Click I am not adding any Achievements
        • This is an undergraduate requirement
    • Statement of Purpose
      • Type: Sent directly to department
        • You are submitting your paper in another area.
  •  Program materials
Click blue banner that says Education Specialist in School Psychology & Pupil Personnel Services: School Psychology. You will be redirected to the homepage with in CSU Apply. There are three tabs at the top of the homepage.

Home Page Tab

  • Here is where you will see the Program Admission Requirements and Deadlines. Below the Admission Deadlines, there is a few links, School Psychology Application Checklist, School Psychology Application Form.
  • Please click the link.
    • Once you have clicked the link, it will redirect you to a google drive. You must download the document and fill them out.

Documents Tab

  • This is where you are going to upload your program application.
    • Anything with a red * you have to submit.
      • CBEST
      • Personal Statement
      • Teaching Credential (30 day sub permit, Certificate of Clearance, Valid teaching credential)
      • Tuberculosis Clearance
        • TB test must be an actual clear negative TB; admissions will not accept a Risk assessment.
    • You will upload your School Psychology Application Form in the Program Application area.

Recommendations Tab

  • This is where you list your recommenders
    • Add their information and CSU Apply will contact them to send in their recommendation directly to the CSU apply system. 

Once you have successfully filled out all sections you can submit your application and pay the application fee of $55. You will then receive a confirmation number--be sure to print and keep that page as your receipt.

STEP 2: 

EMail transcripts:
Graduate Admissions CH-123
5500 University Pkwy.
San Bernardino, CA 92407
Electronic Transcripts:
Send to