Requirements for Graduation

  1. A minimum of 72 quarter units of acceptable work, with 59 completed in residence at this university;
  2. A minimum of 48 quarter units of credit taken after a student has been advanced to candidacy for the degree;
  3. A grade point average of 3.0 ("B") in course work taken to satisfy the Master of Arts degree requirements and grades of "C" (2.0) or better in all courses in the program;
  4. Successful completion of the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) Examination (students must score a minimum of 900 on the exam), which is a national Certification examination given by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification in Shamburg, Illinois.

Degree Requirements

  • EREH 610 - Research Assessment in Rehabilitation (4)
  • EREH 615 - Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling (4)
  • EREH 616A - Multiple Aspects of Disability: Medical (4)
  • EREH 616B - Multiple Aspects of Disability: Vocational (4)
  • EREH 617 - Vocational Assessment and Development (4)
  • EREH 618 - Applied Job Placement (4)
  • EREH 649 - Organizational Development of Rehabilitation Services (4)
  • EREH 655 - Multicultural Counseling in Rehabilitation (4)
  • EREH 652 - Dynamics of Human Behavior (4)
  • EREH 656 - Counseling Theories and Techniques in Rehabilitation (4)
  • EREH 657 - Counseling Practicum in Rehabilitation (4)
  • EREH 667 - Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling (4)
  • EREH 672 - Seminar Topic: Psychiatric Rehabilitation (4)
  • EREH 678 - Theory and Practice of Group Counseling in Rehabilitation (4)
  • EREH 679 - Fieldwork in Rehabilitation Counseling (4) for a total of (12)

Culminating Experience (4 units)

  1. EREH 695 - Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination Preparation (4)
  2. EREH 999 - Comprehensive Examination (0) A grade of CR will be awarded upon successful completion of the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) Examination.

Successful completion of the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) Examination, which is a national Certification examination given by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification in Shaumburg, Illinois, 60173. The exam is given triannually in March, July, and October with available sites in California. Students need to apply on an individual basis and pay a fee to take the Certified Rehabilitation Counseling Examination. Students need to provide evidence of registration for the CRC Exam no later than the second quarter of their third year in the program. Students must take the CRC Exam no later than one year after the completion of all required coursework for the master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Students' scores will be sent to the Coordinator of the Rehabilitation Counseling Master's Program and will be credited to EREH 999. If a student does not pass the CRC exam on the first attempt, they need to retake the exam the next time the CRC exam is given. If, after the second attempt, they do not pass the examination, the student needs to petition both the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Coordinator of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program for permission to develop a plan of remediation in order to retake the CRC exam.

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