Rehabilitation Counseling Program
California State University, San Bernardino

CORE Standard A.5

The program shall foster continuing public awareness and confidence about academic quality by providing information routinely to the public on its performance, including, but not limited to:

  1. Student retention rate to include the number of students who enroll and graduate each year for a three year period

    CSUSB Rehabilitation Counseling Enrollment/Graduation Rates

    Beginning Term Cohort Size Graduated Within 3 Years
    Fall 2008 20 20
    Fall 2009 18 15
    Fall 2010 16 14
    Fall 2011 13 13
    Fall 2012 21 17
    Fall 2013 17 11
    Fall 2014 13 11
  2. Average time necessary to complete the program:
    This is a three-year academic program.
  3. Estimated cost of program attendance:
    • All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by The Board of Trustees. The following rate is for graduate tuition, resident students:
      • Tuition per Academic Year = $8,317
      • Three-year program = $24,951
  4. Available scholarships:
    RSA Training Grant funding is available.

  5. Employment rate of graduates within the first 6 months following graduation for the past three years average 88%

  6. Employment settings where graduate work:

    • Comprehensive rehabilitation centers
    • University and other school settings
    • Insurance companies
    • Private-for-profit rehabilitation companies
    • Alcohol and other drug rehabilitation programs
    • Correctional centers
    • Developmental disabilities agencies
    • Client assistance and advocacy programs
    • Counseling centers
    • Head injury rehabilitation programs
    • Mental health clinics
    • Rehabilitation units in hospitals
    • Veterans Affairs centers
    • Special education/transition programs
    • Vocational schools
    • Programs for the elderly
    • Independent living centers
    • Employee assistance programs
    • Halfway houses and group homes
  7. Eligibility for licensure by program graduates:
    Graduates of the Rehabilitation Counseling program have access to licensure courses through the Counseling & Guidance program at CSUSB.

  8. Passing rates for a comprehensive measure of student learning (CRC exam or a combination of assessments such as a comprehensive exam or portfolio) the program uses to assess student learning across all CORE knowledge domains covered in the standards. Passing rate for the combined assessment measures of student learning (CRC exam and comprehensive exam) is 98% using both measures beginning 2009.