Course Offerings


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Graduate courses may not be taken by undergraduate students

610 Research and Assessment in Rehabilitation

Principles of research, research design, methods of data collection, introduction to personality, aptitude, achievement measurements relating to issues of significance to the field of rehabilitation. Observation data and measurement collection. Formerly EDUC 610. (4 units)

615 Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling

Fundamental processes and practices of rehabilitation counseling including examination and analysis of the historical, philosophical, organizational, economic and legal basis of rehabilitation. Orientation and field visits to community rehabilitation counseling agencies required. (4 units)

616 Multiple Aspects of Disability

Orientation to community resources providing services to individuals with disabilities. Multiple aspects of disabilities. Implications of disabilities for vocational adjustments and rehabilitation processes. 

  1. Medical. Prerequisite: EREH 615. (4 units)
  2. Vocational. Prerequisite: EREH 616A or consent of instructor. (4 units)

617 Vocational Assessment and Development

Survey of methods of vocational assessment of individuals with disabilities. Vocational development theories, occupational and career information systems and psychology of work. Prerequisites: EREH 615, 616A, 616B or consent of instructor (4 units)

618 Applied Job Placement

Survey of methods and techniques of job placement with different client populations in rehabilitation settings. Job analysis, job seeking, training skills, placement and follow-up for rehabilitation clients. Prerequisites: EREH 615, 616A, 616B and 617 or consent of instructor. (4 units)

649 Organizational Development of Rehabilitation Services

Various types of training, administration, developmental and job placement programs used in industry, public and private rehabilitation agencies and insurance companies. Prerequisites: EREH 615, 616A, 616B or consent of instructor. (4 units)

652 Dynamics of Human Behavior

Theories of learning and human growth and development using life-span approach from a rehabilitation counseling perspective. Includes effects of racial, lifestyles and sex stereotyping in the community. Formerly ECLG 652. (4 units)

655 Multicultural Counseling in Rehabilitation

Theory of and techniques of counseling skills to serve multi-ethnic populations relating to individuals with disabilities. Analysis of differing socio-economic, racial, and social backgrounds of individuals with disabilities. Includes 20 hours of related practicum experience. May not be taken for credit by students who have received credit for ECLG 655. (4 units)

656 Counseling Theories and Techniques in Rehabilitation

Theories and techniques of counseling, application to rehabilitation settings; experiential orientation in working with individuals with disabilities. May not be taken for credit by students who have received credit for ECLG 656. Prerequisite: EREH 615 or consent of program coordinator. (4 units)

657 Counseling Practicum in Rehabilitation

Supervised practice in the application of counseling skills, theories and techniques working with individuals with disabilities. Includes 30 hours of related practice with individuals with disabilities. May not be taken for credit by students who have received credit for ECLG 657A. Prerequisites: EREH 615, 616A, and 656 or permission of the program coordinator. (4 units)

667 Advanced Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling

Supervised practice in individual rehabilitation counseling in a laboratory setting. Prerequisites: ECLG 657A and 678 or consent of instructor. (4 units)

672 Seminar Topics in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Seminar topics may vary. (4 units)

678 Theory and Practice of Group Counseling in Rehabilitation

Theories and techniques of group counseling in rehabilitation settings with individuals with disabilities. Includes 20 hours of related practicum experience in the field. May not be taken for credit by students who have received credit for ECLG 678. Prerequisites: EREH 615, 616A, 656 and 657 or permission of program coordinator. (4 units)

679 Clinical Field Experience in Rehabilitation Counseling

Field experience in Rehabilitation Counseling. Students will take fieldwork in segments of four units for a total of 12 units. Students will be allowed to take up to two segments in one quarter. Graded credit/no credit. Prerequisite: consent of program coordinator. (4 units)

695 Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination Preparation

Preparation for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination. Graded credit/no credit. Prerequisites: completion of 48 units in the program and/or consent of the program coordinator. (4 units)

999 Comprehensive Examination

A grade of CR will be awarded upon successful completion of the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) Examination. Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy, approval of department, completion of course work in the master's program and in good academic standing. (0 units)