Masters Degree

There are several ways to get started: One way is to make an appointment with the Recruitment Specialist or register for Program Virtual Advising. Another way to get started is to attend one of the many informational meetings offered by the programs (these dates are listed on each program's website). Finally, you could just apply to the program of your choice.

Arlena Allende 
Program Admissions Advisor 
Masters and Advanced Credential Programs 

The Certificate of Clearance verifies that the credential candidate has completed the Commission on Teacher Credentialing professional conduct review evaluated by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has met the personal qualifications necessary to obtain a regular California teaching or service credential. Credential candidates who do not hold a valid California document or a valid Certificate of Clearance must submit an Application for Certificate of Clearance prior to official and unconditional admission to a credential program and no less than 60 working days prior to enrolling in course work requiring field experience in the public schools.  (updated by rg 2016)

  • graduate writing requirement
  • 12 unit limit
  • seven year course rule
  • extension of time to complete and incomplete
  • retroactive withdrawal

Yes, all of our programs are accredited in their respective areas and the college is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Accreditation is very important because it shows that the institution is meeting or exceeding the highest standards possible. In addition teachers trained by accredited institutions are often hired first and are more successful in their teaching positions than those teachers who are trained by non- accredited institutions.

The prospective students should send their recommendation letters to Shani Sims (ssims@csusb.edu) who collects such paperwork for all COE programs. Please let the students know that they could still start the program while we are waiting for the recommendation letters; surely, their GPA needs to fulfill the requirement.