Comprehensive Exam

Exam Schedule for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Quarter Date Location
Summer (10 weeks) 2019 July 27, 2019 Online
Fall 2019 November 9, 2019 Online
Winter 2020 TBD Online
Spring 2020 TBD Online

The Comprehensive Examination is administered online.

Please register early to ensure that you will be allowed to take the exam. To register, contact:

Shani Sims
Masters and Advanced Credentials Office - CE-102

Only eligible students will be permitted to take the exam. Eligibility includes: advancement to candidacy, completion of all program coursework or registration in final quarter of coursework, no expired courses (older than 7 years) without a waiver, and a graduation requirement check on file with the Records Registration & Evaluations Office.

Continuous Enrollment and Comprehensive Exam - New Procedures

The Graduate Counsel and the Faculty Senate have approved a new policy to allow graduate students to register for either 698 Continuous Enrollment (0-units) or 999 Comprehensive Exam (0-units) courses through the College of Extended Learning Special Sessions. While students may continue to register for these courses through regular state-side enrollment, if the graduate student is only taking this single course, they may enroll through CEL for a cost of only $260. Note that although these are zero-unit courses, graduate students would normally pay the 0-6 unit fee of $1,667 for the quarter. Students may obtain the information and forms needed to register at either the College of Extended Learning or the Office of Graduate Studies. Students can begin to take advantage of this process during summer session.

Continuous Enrollment Students

Who May Enroll
University policy requires all graduate students to be continuously enrolled at the university each quarter until the awarding of the degree. However, graduate students are not required to be enrolled this summer. Continuous enrollment can be met either by regular enrollment in California State University , San Bernardino courses, or by enrolling in Graduate Continuous Enrollment course offered through the College of Extended Learning. No credit is earned, however the student is allowed to maintain their status in their graduate degree program.

Project Students
Students who have enrolled in the required number of project units but have not completed their project must maintain continuous enrollment by enrolling in 698 (zero units).

Thesis Students
Students who have enrolled in the required number of thesis units, but have not completed their thesis, must maintain continuous enrollment by enrolling in 698 (zero units).

Comprehensive Exam Students

Students who have completed all coursework and are preparing for the comprehensive exam must remain in continuous enrollment by enrolling in 698 (zero units).

$260 per quarter

How To Enroll
Students will need to complete the “Continuous Enrollment Registration Form” and present to their respective academic college for approval. Upon approval from the College, student must submit the form and payment to the College of Extended Learning. Three ways to register:

  1. By mail, using the registration form; mail registration form to College of Extended Learning, 5500 University Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407.
  2. In person, Monday to Thursday at the College of Extended Learning (Sierra Hall, Room 134); if paying with cash, please have exact amount.
  3. By phone, by faxing the registration form to 909-537-5907. Once registration form is received, the student must call within 24 hours to pay course fee using a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Late Registration
Students must register by the end of the third week of the quarter or a late fee will apply.

College of Extended Learning Contact

Jesse Hernandez x73960

Kimberly DeLeon x73975

Sylvia Estrada  x73908