LEAD Week At-A-Glance

Su Voto Es Su Voz: Everyone Counts is the theme of the 2019 Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) Week that runs March 25 -30.  The series of events and programs brings together those sharing a common interest and commitment to education issues that impact Latinos to help them define the future.  The LEAD Summit X on March 28 at CSUSB is the highlight of the week.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
March 26, 2019 March 27, 2019 March 28, 2019 March 30, 2019
IE Ethnic Studies II PUENTE Project
Student Leadership Forum IV
LEAD Summit X César E. Chávez Memorial Breakfast
Ethnic Studies II Flyer

Puente Project

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California State Assembly

Assembly Concurrent Resolution

The last week of March, every year, as a state-wide week of advocacy for education


Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 137—Relative to Latino Education and Advocacy Week.

[Filed with Secretary of State August 17, 2010.]


ACR 137, Carter. Latino Education and Advocacy Week.

This measure would declare the last week of March every year as a statewide week of advocacy for Latino education.

WHEREAS, The strength of the California education system and its place in a competitive global economy will depend largely on future educational outcomes among Latino students; and

WHEREAS, Latinos emerged as the largest minority group in the United States in the new millennium; and

WHEREAS, Statistically, since 1998, Latino children have become the largest minority student demographic in United States public schools; and

WHEREAS, Both Latino students and teachers have a high mobility rate, are located in racially segregated communities with high poverty rates, and attend schools with fewer resources, staffing, and programs; and

WHEREAS, Latino students have among the highest dropout rate, score among the lowest on achievement tests, and have low college enrollment rates; and

WHEREAS, One-half of all Latino students currently fail to graduate high school, and have had little progress in increasing college graduation rates over the last few decades; and

WHEREAS, Latino students represent an opportunity to increase diversity, strengthen the tax, labor, consumption, and investment pool, and increase ties with Mexico and Latin America; and

WHEREAS, Beginning March 29, 2010, California State University, San Bernardino, College of Education will host its inaugural Latino Education and Advocacy Week summit; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate thereof concurring, That every year the last week of March is hereby declared as a statewide week of advocacy for Latino education; and be it further

Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.

ACR 109 (As Amended) 2014
Latino Education Advocacy Days (LEAD)