Featured Exhibit

“Raise Your Hand, Step In, and Get Involved!!!”

Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) serves as a primary site for innovative and productive projects in Latino Education. Our impact and success are grounded on collaboration, participation, and outreach. Over the past decade, the LEAD projects have enacted the necessary groundwork and campaign for our extraordinary new future.

This 10th year anniversary of the highly-visible success of the annual LEAD Summit offers all of us the opportunity to review and celebrate our collective accomplishments and fruits of our labor.
The objectives of our free one-day summit have been to raise a broad-based awareness of the crisis in Latino Education and to enhance the intellectual, cultural and personal development of our community's educators, administrators, leaders and students.
From the thought-provoking panel discussions, the unforgettable line-up of guest speakers, to the exciting display of exhibitors and vendors, thousands of education advocates and change agents from across the region, state, country and globe have showed their support by coming together, be it virtual or in-person, to discuss and act upon the important topics and trends affecting us all.
In celebration of this historically significant moment, we have created a Featured Exhibit with a variety of conference memorabilia.
Please take the time to participate by visiting our display in the Exhibitors/Vendors Hall located in the lobby of the Santos Manuel Student Union.