Program Timeline

Program Timeline

The Educational Administration faculty and staff want your graduate experience at Cal State San Bernardino to be a positive one. Please use the following timeline to chart your progress through the Preliminary Service Credential Program. Keep all correspondence you receive from Cal State as well as copies of all materials you submit with this time-line in a folder. This will allow you to focus on your studies, streamline the paperwork and facilitate a positive experience.

Before First Quarter

Apply for Admission to the University adhering to Grad Admission deadlines

Submit official transcripts to Admissions adhere to Grad Admission deadlines.

Submit all program application documents to School Services in COE Room 102.

Quarter One

EADM 601 (4 units)

EADM 610/620 (5 units)

EADM 626A (1 unit)

Quarter Two

EADM 607 (4 units)

EDUC 602 (4 units) (Research) (Required for MA)

EADM 626B (1 unit)

Writing requirement must be met or you cannot proceed in the Program without consultation with program coordinator

Turn in Form A for fieldwork no later than 7th week of this quarter

Turn in Advancement to Candidacy Form

Quarter Three

 EADM 613 (4 units)

EADM 619 (4 units)

EADM 626C (1 unit)

EADM 621A (2 units) (permission from fieldwork coordinator with specific registration numbers);

Pay your tuition within 10 days of registering so you are not dropped

Turn in Form A for 4th quarter fieldwork (EADM 621B) no later than the 7th week of this quarter

Grad Check Form (with processing fee) Turn in this qtr. (See the CSUSB Bulletin for specific deadlines and/or late fees) (For MA degree candidates)

Quarter Four

EADM 622 (4 units)

EADM 625 (4 units)

EADM 626D (1 unit)

EADM 621B (2 units) (permission from fieldwork coordinator required with specific registration numbers)

Pay your tuition within 10 days of registering for classes so you are not dropped

Apply for Preliminary Administrative Services Credential through Student Services Office or online at STudent Services Credential Process Page or call 909-537-5609 for assistance through credential analysts. 

Quarter Five - MA only

Enroll in EADM 692 (4 units) ON CAMPUS (2 Saturdays)

EADM 999 (cr/nc)

Comp Exam approximately 7th week of the quarter on a Saturday online