Topic : _____________________________          Student Name: _______________________

Science Standard Number: ______                                                    Grade Level: _______

Pre-Instructional Planning

California Science Standard:
What is the science standard to be addressed in the lesson?
Indicate the grade level, the strand ( physical sciences, life sciences, earth sciences, or investigation and experimentation), the number (e.g., 3a), and the specific description of the standard).

Performance Objectives:
What do you expect students to perform as a result of completing this lesson?  The terms you use to describe performance should be measurable.

List of Materials
What materials will you need for yourself (teaching tools, models, demonstrations materials, etc.)?
Make a list of materials.

How many students are in each group?

What materials will each group of students need?
Make a list of materials.

Science Content Background
What science content background must you have to successfully teach the lesson?  Make a list of facts that are essential to the topic. 
Avoid statements such as "The teacher must know about  . . . . ."  
Instead make statements such as, 
"Animals that have six legs are called insects. 
"An insect has a head, a thorax and an abdomen, etc."

Instructional Planning

Standards of Behavior
What should students be reminded about their behavior regarding safe and proper use of materials, movement around the room, voice level, group roles, completion of written work, time allocation, etc?

How will you engage and motivate students for the lesson?  
What pre-assessment strategies will you use? |
How will you describe to the students the purpose of the lesson?

What specific directions about the activity will you give students?  
Include verbal and visual directions.  
What and how much of the procedures will you demonstrate?
What are the expectations for success?

How will you help students process the information they gather during the "explore" stage? 
What specific questions do you plan to use to guide students to examine their data and understandings? 
What conclusions do you expect students to reach?  
How will you manage and organize student summary statements?

How will you relate the newly learned content and skills to new situations?
What related activities will help students extend their understanding of the content?

How will students be assessed?  
How will you ensure that students have achieved the established performance objectives?